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Confused about finding the right college? I can help.

College planning is an exciting time no matter where you are in your high school career. Medina College Counseling believes that applying to college is hard enough and will help you make the process easier. Laila helps students and families from being overwhelmed by providing academic and extracurricular planning and support throughout high school and by guiding students all the way to identifying and applying to great fit colleges. 

graduate of Brown University, Laila was an alumni interviewer and leader for Brown Admissions for more than twenty years. After helping many friends and family navigate the admissions process she launched Medina College Counseling to share her knowledge and expertise with other parents and students.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the college search and application process -- each student is different and every family situation is unique. Laila customizes each student’s counseling program to match the student’s needs, abilities and goals. Whether the student’s journey with Laila begins as early as 9th grade or as late as senior year, her services provide what it takes for students to feel confident, comfortable and successful. 

Medina College Counseling offers comprehensive counseling packages, as well as hourly counseling. Please request a consultation for details.

In the News: 

King 5 TV interviews Laila Hilfinger, September 20 - Watch here!


Laila presented College Admissions in the Time of the Pandemic at College Night sponsored by the Interlake High School, Bellevue, PTSA on Feb. 25. View the event here. Access Passcode: TnbR3d!P

Points Living Magazine features Medina College Counseling. 

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